10 Detroit artist you should know in 2015

It’s only been a few days and of course the streets are buzzing about our 2015 Control Detroit Freshmen List. Of course there’s going to always be some debate about the list in regards to people who didn’t make it. Being that there are so many talented artists in the city of Detroit, it’s difficult to keep the list to a select group of names. Nevertheless, we have to acknowledge a few individuals who we feel are definitely right on the verge of turning the corner and becoming some of Detroit’s next hottest artists.

Richy Marciano Richy Marciano – Arguably one of the best lyricists in Detroit, Richy has been putting in work on the underground scene and holding his own with the best of them. Having tracks with the likes of artists like: Boldy James, Dej Loaf, Guilty Simpson, Ro Spit, and Earlly Mac in his catalog, Richy works hard to put on for his city, “emphasis on his city.” Last year’s “Saucy” EP went under the radar but was definitely still a solid project. Look for Richy’s upcoming “Nottingham Pharmacy” project to drop soon.


Lil George Lil George – His street single “Sauce” has been ringing off on the radio and in the clubs all over for quite some time now. This BMB-signed artist is still in his teens yet he’s making a lot of noise on scene. His past joints like “Outta Shape” showcase the maturity of his flow and lyrics. With possible collaborations from Pablo Skywalkin and Kash Doll in the stash, we expect George to come out the gate strong when he drops his project later this year.


Rocaine Rocaine – An artist who gives nothing but pure raw energy on each song, Rocaine is out to let the people know he’s here and is determined to be one of the best artists in Detroit. He’s been leaking his forthcoming project, “The Movie”, little by little as well as even dropping visuals for snippets from the mixtape. It’s a testament to how much buzz he has and the demand people have for his music when snippets reach upwards of over 100,000 views per video. Also producing for many of the rising Detroit artists as well as having a strong affiliation with one of our 2014 CTRL Detroit Freshmen, StuntHard HotBoyz, doesn’t hurt at all either. Keep an eye on Rocaine in 2015 as he looks to keep his 2014 campaign going.


Choppa Boy Dex Dex – Named after his Dexter neighborhood, this young MC is a melting pot of an artist that turns out to be something special. Take Ice Cube’s energy, MC Ren’s raspy but strong voice, and the violent but aggressive content from Chief Keef, in order to get a sense of who Dex is sonically. His unique style makes him stand out from the average Detroit street artist rapping about guns. Dex finds a way to add a sense of wit and charisma to go along with his use of colorful imagery in his street tales. Working with Team Eastside and GT to name a few, Dex will definitely be a name we’ll be talking about later this year.


M-City Jr. M-City Jr. – It’s the consistency that City brings on each track that has us excited for what he will accomplish in 2015. He’s an artist under the CoinHandlers Management team, also home to others such as: Sino, Dusty McFly, and Ro Spit. City is bound to have some great things in store with a bigger team to work alongside the grinding he and his Yacht Club Social Network camp has already done thus far. Speaking of grinding, if you’re not familiar with City, get hip fast by checking out his amazing dope visual for his freestyle of the appropriate Lil Wayne & Drake collaboration, “Grindin.”


Eastside 80's Eastside 80’s – A former member of the Eastside rap group, LOM, who has started to build a name for himself after numerous features with other buzzing Detroit artists like Rocaine, GT, and even popular names like Icewear Vezzo and Peezy. Not only did he shine on Peezy’s “Mud Muzik 2” project, but he also released his own debut solo mixtape, “Money, Power, and Respect Vol.1 Veracity” that has been slowly spreading throughout the streets and racking up thousands upon thousands views on YouTube. Things are looking bright for Eastside as he continues to introduce himself to the rest of the world.


Smoke Camp Chino Smoke Camp Chino – His appearance alone makes him an interesting artist with a body (as well as a face) full of tattoos that represent who he is as an individual. His music is the story of one experiencing so much hardship in such a short life lived thus far. Detroit suffers from many epidemics socially, but out of that despair, an artist like Chino rises and offers the soundtrack and a voice to those living a hard life. His honesty and being relatable in his music makes him a fan favorite on the rise that’s definitely working hard.


Prada Leary & Supakaine Prada Leary & Supakaine – Granted this is a duo rather than a solo artist; we have to acknowledge both of these talented upstarts. Prada & Kaine are apart of the #ZagTeam movement along with a few other artists, and well known in the underground circuit having rocked many venues such as The Bullfrog, and Untitled Bottega numerous times. The group’s close relationship with Finally Famous’ Earlly Mac lies within their shared management from APX Management, which has expanded their sound under Earl’s friendly tutelage. This tag-team released a new 5-song EP a few days into the new year titled, “Zag Essentials Vol. 1, which serves as a sampler for what to expect from their upcoming full-length project, “Frost.” If you aren’t familiar to Prada & Kaine, this EP is a great place to start and will hold you over until later this year.


Moses The God Moses The God – We understand there’s a scarcity amongst female MCs getting recognition in the industry. That reason is why we always try to showcase our local female talent whom are just as talented and putting in as much work as their male counterparts. Moses has been buzzing on the college scene and tearing down any open mic event she can get her hands on. Its been several months since she released her well received and emotion-heavy “Red Letters” project, but Moses looks to keep the momentum going and drop her follow-up.


Raina Pore Raina Pore – Not enough his said about R&B music anymore due to much of it being blurred with Rap/Sung collaborations or having hip-hop-esque sound on records. Detroit definitely lacks a solid R&B scene due to our infatuation of the street life, but there are great quality R&B artists in our city. Raina Pore is also known as Jasmine formerly of the girl group Love Dollhouse. Being signed to major-label record deal between Capitol Records & All Def Music (led by Russell Simmons) is sure to generate enough buzz alone. The group’s single, “Can I” is building its way up the Billboard charts. In the meantime, Jasmine venturing off into a solo career to showcase her amazing talent and unique sense of creativity. Look for her to great records later this year that you’’ll not only sing along to, but also dance, and maybe even cry to as well based on her great vocal performance.